Is There Practial Value in Personality Style Analysis?

bill-4The use of personality style assessment tools is certainly not new.  In fact counselors, psychologists and life coaches have made use of these techniques for years.  However, many people wonder if there is real practical value in knowledge of your personality. Is it even helpful or wise to gain insight into the personality styles of family members, friends, associates and customers? The simple answer is “YES” this knowledge can be extremely beneficial. Understood properly it can be used to help a person comprehend why he or she acts and reacts in certain ways to various situations. Knowing this can lead to a conscious effort to change negative responses and replace them with positives.

A simple example is a person who understands that they are (what the DISC model would describe) as a “high D” or a dominant driver who just wants to get to the bottom line. They can build on that knowledge while learning to better understand how to communicate and cooperate with a person who tends to be very high  on building interpersonal relationships (“high I), or with another who thrives on details and loves in-depth factual analysis (“high C”).

It is impossible for this coaching tip to delve deeper into this fascinating field of study. I encourage you to do research and learn more about yourself and those you care about, including customers.  I am confident that you will be able to enhance relationships and play a role in creating a more peaceful and enjoyable home and work environment, by the wise use of personality style analysis. One caution, this is just one tool and should not be used to label people, as we are all a unique mix of various styles and we also tend to react differently under stress. So use this as just one more self-help tool.

Because I was first introduced to the DISC personality style model, I use it in my Executive Life Coaching firm. My wife and I first encountered DISC after 25 years of marriage and it made us laugh out loud as the results proved that we are at opposite ends of the personality styles model.  That knowledge helped us grow in understanding and has lead to a second 25 years. Thanks be to God.

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