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Goal Achievment

The Good Book” tells us that people fail for lack of vision and wisdom. Helping clients identify where they want to go, personally and professionally, guiding their goal setting process and providing accountability are all components of our goal achievement process.


Teamwork & Team Building

Successful teams are comprised of members who are able to effectively communicate while being willing to make sacrifices for successful team outcomes. Coaching teams will include dealing with how to relate to others and this entails understanding personalities and what drives others to take positive action. Team building also requires knowledge of how to select and effectively lead a dedicated work group.

Priority and Time Management

This topic could also be categorized as Stress Management. We all have 24 hours per day and 365 days in most years. How we establish and then manage our priorities and then organize our schedules will go a very long way in reducing stress, improving performance and increasing the joy factor in everyday living.


People called to fill key leadership roles are not born with the skills and knowledge required for successful leadership. Coaching in this area draws upon every other coaching specialty and will be customized to fit the client. Helping leaders and potential leaders develop and hone the skills needed to guide their teams to achieve optimum results embodies our leadership coaching objective.


Techniques to improve verbal and written communication skills will greatly enhance the potential for personal and for business success. Proper listening, asking meaningful questions, documentation and follow-up processes are essential; as is the ability to deliver concise and powerful presentations.

Motivational Factors and Personality Types

God made everyone of us to be unique and it is critical that we learn what makes co-workers and family members “tick”. Understanding different personality types as well as various motivational factors will enhance every aspect of our lives, both professionally and personally.

Sales Techniques and Sales Leadership

Top performing salespersons have unique styles and they approach customer relationships in many ways; however the most productive and profitable employ tools and techniques that are customized to “fit” their customers while optimizing their strengths and minimizing weaker areas. Coaching focuses on helping seasoned and new sales professionals develop a customized value added sales approach that consistently produces profitable sales results. Sales Managers will enhance their sales leadership and sales mentoring abilities, and this benefits the entire company.

Human Resources – Hiring and Interviewing

During my 20 years as owner of a retained executive search consulting firm, I had the opportunity to interview hundreds of clients and executive level candidates. Our firm played a key role in helping client companies develop comprehensive position specifications. Coaching in this key area will be geared to specific needs of the individual or business client. Knowing how to attract and retain the best managerial talent is one of the key difference makers for America’s best organizations; and we can help!

Organizational Structures and Roadblocks

Experience has shown that many businesses are hampered by outdated and ineffective organizational structures. Our ability to ask the right questions of our clients will help them shed light on some of their internal roadblocks. The goal of this specialty is to help businesses “run on all cylinders”. Part of this process may well involve gaining input from key managers and employees and then putting the pieces together for optimum effectiveness.

Financial Foundations

This one specialty is geared primarily to help the individual establish a firm financial foundation. Here we draw on 20 years of teaching and training leaders in ways to gain true financial freedom. A business client may consider offering this coaching to selected key employees, as this will benefit the person and their family and will ultimately strengthen the links in the business chain.