Coaching Process

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Coaching Process

William Sitter Executive Life Coaching provides services to businesses and professionals with
a desire to make game changing modifications in their personal and business performance.
William Sitter is professionally equipped to provide executive coaching for clients in
theses specialties:

Our customized approach to executive life coaching:

Our business and individual clients are all unique and we are committed to working with
each one to determine what areas of coaching will add the most value. Then we will develop
a customized program to fit the client’s desired outcome. To accomplish this, we will need
to establish a collaborative relationship which will include a frank and totally confidential discussion of current obstacles to optimum performance and individual effectiveness. Once
it is clear that our firm is capable of helping a client achieve their expected outcomes, we will agree on a coaching approach and establish the frequency of coaching sessions. If we are coaching a group of individuals from a business, it will be essential that we reach agreement, up-front, on whether our firm is to report periodically to the CEO or Owner, or if the sessions will be strictly between the coach and the individual. If information is to be shared with the CEO or business unit leader, this should be understood by all individuals being coached.

Who conducts the life coaching sessions?

    • William Sitter will personally conduct every life coaching session. Clients will not be
      handed-off to an associate or coaching apprentice. This assures our clients of excellent quality control of the entire life coaching process; and also makes certain that confidential communications and proper coaching records are always maintained.

How coaching sessions will be conducted?

    • The normal coaching session will be approximately one hour in length. Coaching sessions will normally be conducted weekly, twice a month or once a month. Spacing longer than once a month may make it difficult to maintain progress and accountability. In many cases, assessments and or client homework will be involved and this will be explained on an individual basis.

What coaching techniques are utilized?

    • Our coaching approach will be tailored to fit the needs and objectives of our clients. Once individual goals are discussed, there will likely be a variety of assessment tools to help the coach and the client make rapid progress toward the stated objectives. We will focus entirely on specialty areas that fall within our expertise. Accountability will be incorporated into each coaching project. Although our firm is not a spiritual life coach, we will regularly use the wisdom of the Bible to establish a “true north” for our process. For clients who are agreeable, we will incorporate a very brief prayer into the before and after portion of each discussion and William Sitter will personally seek God’s Wisdom prior to commencing coaching sessions.

Where coaching will take place?

    • Face-to-Face Coaching Sessions are available for those within reasonable distance of San Antonio, TX. These will be held at our lovely log and stone home “Sanctuary” which is located on a hilltop on the edge of the scenic Texas Hill Country.

    • Long Distance Coaching will typically be conducted via telephone or Skype. This provides a great deal of flexibility for clients who travel or reside in other states or countries. There may be a combination of long distance and face-to-face sessions, even for our local area clients, so coaching momentum is maintained.

What is the cost of executive life coaching?

    • Our firm has established a standard rate per (approximate) hour coached. This will be discussed with clients who are seriously prepared to enter into a coaching agreement. Although the fee is only per coaching hour, it is understood that William Sitter will typically need to allot 2 to 4 hours for preparation and follow-up, for each session.

    • For businesses or organizational teams, it may be appropriate to develop a life coaching project with guidelines as to the level of coaching for various individuals. For example, senior level managers may be assigned more intensive coaching schedules than some others in the group. This type of life coaching project is an example of our customized (not one size fits all) approach; and we are prepared to develop a project fee structure.

    • If there are costs for assessments or other materials, these will be for the client’s account but will be discussed and approved in advance. Normally, these costs are not significant.

    • As we intend to provide executive life coaching services only to reliable and ethical individuals and companies, we do not anticipate delayed payments. How fees are to be paid (check or other means) will be agreed upon with each client.

How do we get started?

    • Potential clients are encouraged to contact William Sitter for a no obligation discussion. The objective of this 20 to 30 minute conversation will be to determine if our specialty areas of Executive Life Coaching are in tune with the client’s goals and objectives. If the answer is “yes”, then we will provide a coaching agreement with appropriate details. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, we will put the coaching process into motion.

    • It is also possible that a business or individual may wish to start the investigation process by reviewing our full website and then use the “Contact” box to provide information which will lead to an initial phone consultation.


Now that you understand how we operate and what we have to offer, we look forward to having contact with you in the very near future. If William Sitter Executive Life Coaching can provide added value for you, personally and professionally, then we want to plan a customized program for YOU.