How Will I Know When I Have Achieved True Prosperity and Success?

bill-2Since Executive Life Coaching is geared to helping professionals and whole businesses achieve success, a profound question immediately surfaces: “How Will I Know When I Have Achieved True Prosperity and Success?” For some there may never be enough money, fame or market share and I believe that is a sad situation.  Certainly a good life coach wants to help his or her clients establish meaningful personal, professional and (I hope) spiritual goals. Then an effective coaching process guides the client on a path of progress toward goal accomplishment. In the ideal coaching relationship, this “partnering” of coach and individual professional or business unit will entail much more than a quick fix or band aid approach to short term challenges.

As a Christian Executive Life Coach, I would like to share my definition of “True Prosperity”. I believe that we achieve “Godly Prosperity” when we have all the resources (the time, talent, skills, and yes the resources including money) to achieve what we believe Our Creator has called us to accomplish on this earth. We should not compare ourselves to others but rather stick to our God-given mission.

Once we believe that we have all the resources needed for achievement of our personal or company mission, then it is up to us to seek wisdom and press forward toward the total accomplishment of our goals. If we work for a business, this means that we are also dedicated to helping our employer achieve his or her objectives.  It may sound too simple but I firmly believe that if we use this approach to understanding prosperity and success, life will become less complex and a lot more enjoyable.  May God Bless your journey to true prosperity and lasting success.

William Sitter Life Coaching, LLC provides services as a Christian Executive Life Coach.
Bill is Board Certified by the International Association of Christian Coaches.