Goal Setting

goal-chalkboardGoal Setting and the road taken to achieve these goals is not an exercise for the faint hearted….it takes work and dedication, but it is definitely worth it! The goal setting process has equal application for individuals, family units and businesses of all sizes.  Sure we’ve all heard sayings like: “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and “If you don’t know where you are or where you are going, then any road will get you there”. There are also some widely accepted statistics that less than 5% of Americans ever have actual written goals, but those who do consistently outperform the other 95%. So I think it is safe to say that those who are reading this article, with an interest in life coaching, would agree that establishing written goals and developing a path with various milestones is essential to eventual goal achievement. Continue reading

Communication the Vital Link

communication-earEveryone wants to be heard and to have his/her message clearly understood.  Therefore, Communications is the Vital Link; the linkage that allows us to transmit information, receive input and to act or react accordingly. Sounds logical, so why is it often so difficult to make the connection between message sender and message receiver; and why are so many communications garbled, twisted or totally ignored?  On the other hand, what is the “magic” that allows effective leaders to effectively convey messages that not only seem to resonate with their “receivers” or audience and typically cause them to respond to the intent of the message?  Continue reading

Motivational Factors and Personality Types

motivation-articleLet us launch this brief overview with the premise that capturing an understanding of how our own personality type, as well as the things that motivate or demotivate us, can play an enormous role in our success, personally and in our business dealings. If you agree with this statement, fast forward this concept to the advantages of having an equally clear grasp of the personality differences and motivational factors of your spouse, family and friends, and those you interface with in the corporate world….leaders, peers and subordinates. Trying to determine these factors boils down to trying to get a handle on “what makes us and others tick”. Continue reading

Stress Management

stress-managmentWhen I was at the mid-point of my career, I became intrigued with the concept that the ability to effectively manage my time was really a major factor in also lowering stress, both in my personal life and in my business world.  While I was learning to use basic time management and scheduling tools, I discovered an inexpensive but priceless pamphlet by Charles E. Hummel entitled “Tyranny of The Urgent”.  During this same period I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of my life and this incredible event caused me to see the real need to value the precious hours I have been given, and to diligently try to make much better use of them. Now, I’d like to share a mixture of my practical experiences; things I have also been able to teach others, and key elements from “Tyranny of The Urgent”. Continue reading