Finding the Right Executive Life Coach

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bill-1Executive Life Coaching is exploding in North America, because businesses and progressive professionals embrace the fact that it will significantly enhance performance and goal achievement, which translates to bottom line results.  Life coaching works in all aspects of life and that’s why there are so many specialized life coaches.  Once the value-added potential of life coaching is accepted, the challenge arises in selecting a coach who will help the person or the business move from status quo (point A) to goal accomplishment (point B). Effective life coaching should help the client set a life course to go even further on the path to true success.

There are literally tens of thousands of life coaches and many have advanced degrees and hold board certifications from credible organizations.  That is a great place to start but it is just the first hurdle in selecting a coach who can get the job done for you.  I suggest adding the following items to your executive life coach selection criteria:

  • Character, ethics and morals compatible with you and your organization.
  • Experience that is relevant to your journey to goal achievement.
  • Wisdom or “street smarts” that go far beyond what is taught in universities. The ability to help the person being coached apply (factual) knowledge in a way that will produce results in today’s world.
  • A personality that encourages, exhorts people to extra effort, and also insists on accountability for agreed upon progress steps.

So, do your research and establish contact with one or two top executive life coach choices.  A personal meeting is great, but if that’s not possible then arrange a live video chat and see how the coach meets your litmus test. If your “gut” says go, then why not commit yourself, your business unit or selected employees to a block of one hour life coaching sessions.  If you can envision this coaching influence leading to success, then there is much to gain and very little risk.  Happy Searching and God Bless.

William Sitter Life Coaching, LLC provides services as a Christian Executive Life Coach and Bill is Board Certified by the International Association of Christian Coaches.